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Offering independent advice and support to help companies use IT to their advantage as their requirements change over time.


IT and Communications Solutions
  • Identifying and supplying (if necessary) ‘best fit’ IT equipment, communication and software solutions
IT Review
  • Understanding where you are going and identifying where IT can help your organisation work efficiently
  • Looking at your other IT costs and seeing where savings can be made year-on-year
Planning & Project Support
  • Identifying IT and communication strategies that can support your development and growth
  • Planning upgrades to systems and hardware
IT Information Management
  • Web and Access database solutions that make valuable information accessible whilst keeping them safe and secure
  • Working with you to identify changes in policies that affect the way you manage your information
  • Working with you and your partners when you need to share information electronically
Office Relocations
  • Providing planning support for your office relocations
  • Project managing third party IT suppliers and related parties
  • Safely relocating network, PC, Server and peripheral equipment